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About Online Games

Browser games
Browser games are the online gaming category in which the Web browser is operating as a shell for the games, allowing you to play the game without any additional software installation on the computer, or is a container for additional virtual machine that directly executes code games (Java, Flash, Shockwave and similar). Games of this type are usually casual games, because of the restrictions on size. In addition, browser games are popular with developers of commercial gambling games online casino, inter alia, owing to the lack of games on the computer, the installation process.
Examples of Web resources, specialising in browser-based games are  Gameforge 
Browser games are both paid and free. Typically, they provide the opportunity to play for free, but to motivate the player to pay for any in-game services. There are games that allow you to exchange the game currency or back points for real money.
 client games
Another large group are games that use client programs, written specifically for this game or group of similar games. Conditionally for the same group can be embedded in certain programs, such as ICQ. Separately, you can select an IRC text based games sold through the IRC-bot. You can also add a so-called MMORPG.
These games include Ultima Online, Ragnarök Online, Lineage 2, World of Warcraft, EVE online, Perfect World, Aion. Russian games: World of Tanks, Allods online, Scope.
Some browser games allow you to play them using a browser, and with the help of a specialized client. An example of such a game: war heroes and money.

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