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Mortal kombat

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Mortal Kombat is a fighting game developed by Midway Games in 1992, when the success of Street Fighter II had caused a large spread of beat ‘em ups. Mortal Kombat was able to compete against Street Fighter II by innovative graphics and gameplay.

control system deviates significantly from that of Street Fighter II. Although there are 5 buttons, their use is completely different than the game Capcom and implies a certain player in planning in their use. There are two buttons corresponding to kicks and two other correspondents to fists: every attack can be executed in high or low rather than be divided exclusively for intensity, as happened in SFILE. The biggest innovation was undoubtedly that of inserting a special button to fend off the blows. Before then (and still for a long time to follow) in this type of games the parade was usually done by pressing the button to make back the character while the opponent attacking; This, if one side was more intuitively to achieve them, on the other hand, meant that many parades took place at random and fortuitous by the player, who at the time wanted to do anything, like trying to perform a special move or simply move his character; also it was impossible to move backward one character during an attack as this will automatically put in place of parade. With the introduction of the key block the parade becomes an action that the player must plan carefully, knowing that during the parade his character remains completely motionless. The only movement granted during the parade is to squat or lift the character: during a parade performed standing, in fact, the character is completely vulnerable to low, and vice versa. Also the parade involves a minimal energy loss whatever the attack immediately, unlike other fighting games in which the thing happened only in the case of special moves and not canonical, that no shots were causing loss of energy to your opponent on parade.
Regardless of the character used, buttons of punches and kicks to get different effects depending on whether they are pressed alone, moving the lever forward, backwards, skipping when stationary or moving (and of course differ depending on whether you are using the high or low). Also in this case the less experienced player is not left much chance to use basic moves haphazardly, since every single attack requires some time to be created and also means that anyone who uses it for a certain period remains completely vulnerable to any kickback opponents. Fists, for example, are very fast and can be executed repeatedly, but their damage is minimal and it is very easy for the opponent being able to stop with a parade, since the character hit is still standing. On the contrary, as the upright or the trips have a great power and throw the opponent to the mat, which then further remains unguarded for a few moments and can be targeted with combos. These shots, however, if the attack goes to empty, leave completely helpless the player executes them, that for a few moments does not have the ability to vest or to move. All these features make it very difficult to win, for example, closing a character in the corner, since it is always possible to defend in any way by volleys of punches and counterattack; in contrast, SFILE often unable to get leave Norway lobster in certain situations, even stunning of the famous “stelline”, which here were eliminated. The game was not, however, exempt from certain techniques that ensured that the shot was always a sign. Playing against the CPU, for example, you could always hit the opponent using flying kicks from a safe distance, so you hit it with your toe. in those cases the opponent did not use the parade and was always sent to the mat, except in very rare cases. This was the easiest and most used by those trying to run a flawless victory (i.e. a perfect), for example in order to encounter Reptile.
In the coin-op the buttons were arranged in the shape of X so that the player was intuitively understand which key press to perform the attack high or low. The key for the parade was placed in the Center; the standard configuration for the keyboard using keys 1 3 5 7 9 on the numeric keypad, willing themselves to X.
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