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Q * bert is a game of action/reflection published for arcade by Gottlieb in 1982. Designed by Warren Davis and Jeff Lee, Q * bert became a classic of the arcade game and was ported to many family supporters.

The player directs Q * bert, an orange creature, that evolve on the steps of a pyramid. The goal of the game is to change the color of all markets, simply by jumping on each of them. Different types of enemies appear regularly on the playing area, reducing the opportunity for travel. Some enemies are tirelessly pursuing Q * bert, others move randomly, but according to a mode of travel given (i.e. downhill in amount or cross). There are also harmless creatures that Q * bert can eat: some reset the color of the markets on their passage, others allow eating, freeze enemies for a few precious seconds. Of the teleporter located on the sides (and only once) allow to create enemies by reappear Q * bert at the top of the pyramid.
As the levels, the difficulty increases with the appearance of new types of enemies or the obligation to pass several times on the same operation to get the desired color. The game requires reflexes and tactical mind. Movements of Q * bert being limited to a maximum of four directions (three on the sides and one in the corners), the player must constantly anticipate the movement of the enemies to not get blocked.
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