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Street fight 2

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Created by Capcom, Street Fighter is one of the longest series of fighting video games.
In 1997, the series has a new lease on life with the release of Street Fighter III: New Generation and its two sequels: Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact – Giant Attack and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – Fight for the Future. All three were released on Dreamcast in 1999: the first two in a compilation called Street Fighter III: Double Impact and the third separately under its own name. These games stand out by their animation and their very detailed graphics, and a new game system and many new characters. Unfortunately, the high degree of technical nature of these episodes, the purge carried out at the level of the veterans as well as the growing appeal of the general public for the 3D combat (in other Tekken) are these related business failures opus.
However the game remains very played until Street Fighter IV in precisely this technicality which gives a depth never seen in a fighting game. Top tournaments are common around the world, and the game takes part in all major events. The craze was ticking, the time that purists will be the idea of the revival of the series.
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